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$12,453.67 as at 19-Nov-2019

Likely to be exhausted between 02-Mar-2020 and 13-Mar-2020, based on an average daily spend between $107.75 and $119.14 . We analyzed the last 14 days where complete billing data was available. Remember that your commitment term may expire prior to that date.

By Subscription

Account Name Subscription Name Region Incurred Costs
Client Baz Client Baz - DevTest Southeast Asia $213.83
Department 1 Essential Services 5 regions $1,329.25
Department 1 Integration Platform - Dev 4 regions $829.62
Department 1 Integration Platform - Prod South East Asia, Southeast Asia $76.85
Department 1 Prototypes Sandbox 5 regions $73.06
Department 2 Department 2 East US, South Central US $193.55
Department 5 Department 5 East Asia, Southeast Asia $144.62
Project Foo Project Foo - Dev North Central US, South Central US, West Europe $287.47


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