Azure EA Insights

We wanted better insight into our own Azure EA usage, in ways that the portal didn't readily offer. Then, we chose to share it.


You'll need to get these two values from your EA portal. There's no OAuth flow.

Generate this on the Manage Access page of your EA portal. Be sure to copy the full ~700 characters, and not just the ~85 characters up to the first dot.
Demo login »

How does it work?

The EA portal includes an API for accessing billing and usage data. We're just re-processing that data into more accessible formats, to help answer the questions you actually need answered.

Is it safe?

We get read-only access to billing and usage data. The data feed includes prices, and names of applications, accounts and subscriptions, but we don't store any of that beyond your session. (That's also why it's slow.) Our web server logs include your enrollment number.

How mature is it?

Beta, and maturing. (But who doesn't love the bleeding edge?)

We're continuing to iterate on this to meet our own needs. The internal Product Owner is our CIO.

Who is Readify?

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